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Formation of a government and a parliamentary system by Bashar al-Assad and the opposite parties, similar to the British parliamentary system

Date: April 16, 2018

Letter No. 124


From: Golzang Website

To: Head of the UN Office in Iran

Subject: A plan for peace in Syria

To be sent to: Mr. Antonio Guterres (the UN Secretary-General) and the Members of the UN

Formation of a government and a parliamentary system by Bashar al-Assad and the opposite parties, similar to the British parliamentary system

Dear Mr. Guterres and members of the UN

As the conflict in Syria has been dangerously ongoing and is becoming a racial, tribal, and religious (Sunni and Shiite) conflict, and as the superpowers are taking part in this conflict, and given that the Middle East has become like the Balkan Peninsula before World War I and II, we hereby present a brief and useful roadmap plan as a peace plan to prevent the outbreak of another World War. This plan would ensue a lasting and full-fledged peace in the region.

The Plan:

Considering that both parties (the government and the oppositions) and their supporters were seriously and austerely guilty at the start of the war in Syria, it is proposed that a full and sincere cease-fire takes place between the conflicting parties under the auspices of the United Nations and the European Union and then all the conflicting parties that are involved in the war and the current government (Bashar al-Assad) form a government and parliamentary system similar to the government and the parliamentary system of Britain (the Parliament, the Prime minister, the Queen). Under this system, Bashar al-Assad will be the head of the government, but the main power will be in the hands of the parliament and the prime minister. In order to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria, the army will have 10% of the entire country's budget and the lifetime president (Bashar al-Assad) will hold the lead of the army under the condition that the president command the army under the complete supervision of the Supreme National Security Council of Syria, which is specified by the Syrian Legislation. Under this system, the president would have no role in forming government and the political and economic affairs. This plan seriously test the West, the Syrian government and their allies, whether they really believe in "peace and democracy" or not.

The final point is that all future elections in Syria should be under the full supervision of the United Nations.


Mr. Golzang, the director of Golzang Website

Persian(Iran)English (United Kingdom)