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Notice : Emergency Need for a Sponsor, Financial Supporter or a Strong Investment Partner

Invention of a New Sport

13-Offer to host the FIFA World Cup Super.!!!

12- Professional World Cup

11-Sever complaints and intense objections to Mr. Infantino, the president of FIFA. To Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

10- Our sever complaints and intense objections to Mr. Infantino (and the FIFA) regarding the issuance of a license for us to hold a tournament for the best world soccer champions or the "finals", which was introduced as a "Small World Cup" under the name and for the benefit of FIFA

9- Formation of a government and a parliamentary system by Bashar al-Assad and the opposite parties, similar to the British parliamentary system

8- New Suggestion for Extra Time - Real Goal

7- A proposal to hold Super World Cup or a Cup for the Finals. A brand new idea for holding championship cup competition for the selection of the best and strongest football team of the year worldwide, and expressing our protest against Mr. Sepp Blatter who disclosed our previous ideas to the media and claimed they were his proposals. PDF

6- Peace Tournament" or Champion of Champions

5- Giving five points to the team who score five or more goals

4- Forming oil, gas and mining resources exploration and operation institution in south Pole, north pole and the basin of oceans and sea under the supervision of the United Nations

3- Peace tournament or Super Football Worlds Cup

2- North Korea and South Korea Union Peace -at the same of World Cup

1- The suggestions given to FIFA -holding World Cup once every two years, intelligent ball, increasing the number of umpires and others

G- From FIFA Accept suggestion

F- From Football federation Islamic Republic Of Iran

E- From FIFA - New Suggestion for extra Time - Real Goal

D- United Nations

C- Ref.: Complaint

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“In the name of God”

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Date: 19 Sept., 2007

No. 1251

Hassan Tajmir Riahi – Esfahan

"Peace Tournament" or the Champion of Champions

A. Soccer competitions are held in different countries each year world-wide such as European, American, Asian, African Champions Leagues, World Cup, etc.

Our idea is to hold a tournament to make an opportunity so that champion teams play each other and the best and strongest football team of the year is recognized.

B. Since different soccer cup competitions are held in different continents each year and in view that the participating champion teams in cup competitions are different from those in the previous year, this variety makes the tournament more attractive (a combination of national and club teams).

C. In order to recognize the champion team of the cup competition, participating champion teams would better play each other in round-robin format so that all teams (e.g. five teams) play each other and their performance will appropriately be assessed at the end of the tournament.

D. The outset of summer of each year will be the best time for holding this tournament because the champion teams of different leagues are recognized and they are off duty from their national league for two months.

E. I request you to keep legal rights and advantage of this cup or tournament for me.


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22 May 2018


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